Chimgan - Charvak - Beldersay

The unique climate and geography of the Tashkent oasis is created by nature for recreation and tourism.
The resort zone “Chimgan-Charvak — Beldersay” (Chimgan — Charvak recreational zone) is located on the territory of Ugam – Chatkal State National Park.

Eighty kilometers from the Tashkent, at the confluence of three wild mountain rivers of Ugam, Chatkal and Pskem ascended the high dam of the Charvak hydroelectric power station and there was created an artificial lake, now called the Charvak reservoir, surrounded by green slopes, crowned with snowy peaks.

The territory of Ugam-Chatkal national Park has picturesque natural areas with spreading trees and beautiful lakes.
Jade lakes of Urungach are the gem of the National Park.
A trip to the Lower and Upper Lakes of Urungach will give travelers a swim in the crystal clear waters, a walk to the dam, familiarity with the rocks, which are mirrored in the jade waters of the upper lake.
In the Chimgan valley, in a picturesque tract at the foot of the peaks of the Great and Small Chimgan at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, are lied numerous ski resorts.
The complexes are designed for lovers of active recreation and sports tourism.

From November to March – the peak of the ski season, the mountain slopes have a stable snow cover.
The relatively mild climate, almost complete absence of wind, a large selection of trails for slalom skiing and downhill create excellent conditions for this sport.

Hiking trails start from the picturesque tract “Twelve keys” to the wide dome of the Great Chimgan at an altitude of 3377 meters above sea level or to the top of the Small Chimgan at a height of 2100 meters.
The most popular routes through the picturesque places in the Western Tien Shan along the mountain rivers Chatkal, Akbulak, Pskem and Koksu are connected with the ascent to the steep slopes and crossings through the stormy streams, which is only possible for hikers — well-trained and physically prepared mountain tourists.
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